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FileZilla Install and Usage

  1. If you fail to connect to our server and you are working off of a company internet connection consult your IT Staff, a firewall may be blocking you.
  2. All Mozilla products are Free Open Source.

Step 1: Download
Download Selection Page For FileZilla Client
  1. Go to the FileZilla website http://www.filezilla-project.org
  2. Download the appropriate version of the FileZilla Client (Windows, Linux or Mac)
  3. Save the file OR if you have the option choose run.

Step 2: Install
Installation Prompts Click Next Through All Of Them
  1. Run the installer you just downloaded.
  2. Pay attention to any prompts asking to install additional software. Only install the FileZilla software.
  3. Click Next for all the windows.
  4. Once the installer has finished click "Finish"

Step 3: Start Up
Goto Your Programs and Run FileZilla
  1. Click on "Start"
  2. Then go to "All Programs"
  3. At the bottom of the list there will be "FileZilla FTP Client"
  4. Run the Program.

Step 4: Connecting to FTP Site
Paste Address Into The 'Host' Box The Red Box Shows Where you Should Place Your Files
  1. Once the program starts locate the "Host" text box (consult the first image) paste in out ftp address and hit "Quick Connect":


  2. Once you have connected to the server you will see a few folders in a box to the bottom right, again consult the second image for a reference. This location is where you will drag your files to upload them.

Step 5: Create Your Directory
Right Click The Remote Site's Window And Click 'Create New Directory' Type In The Name Of Your New Directory
  1. Right Click on any black space inside the window where you are supposed to upload your files.

  2. Select "Create Directory"

  3. When the prompt appears type out the name of your directory, your company name works best for this.

  4. **You cannot rename your directory after it has been.

Step 6: Uploading Files
Open The Folder That Contains Your Uploads Drag Your Uploads Over And Drop Them Into The Folder You Just Created
In The Bottom Window You Will See Status Bars For Each File You Upload
  1. Navigate to the files you have prepared for uploading.
  2. Drag you files over to the filezilla window and drop them into your recently created directory
  3. A status bar at the bottom will indicate success.
  4. You may also open your recently created directory by double clicking it and drag your files into that window.

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